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Zhany Zhaks – Hear Our Cry [MP3 and Lyrics]

Hear Our Cry Download and Lyrics | Zhantim ZhakomZhantim Zhakom

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Lyrics for Hear Our Cry By Zhantim Zhakom

[Chorus]:     Haaaaaaaaahahaha
Lord, hear our cry(4x)

[Verse]1:      Crises everywhere in the world
Killing of lives is common everywhere
Bomblast from point to point destroying lives
Burning up Your children like grasses
Now, will the dust praise Your name?
Will the dust proclaim Your faithfulness?
Lord, let Your face shine upon Your children
Save us in Your unfailing love
Because we are hopeless, helpless in the face of our enemies
We are here crying for help
Hear our cry

[Chorus]:     Haaaaaaaaahahaha
Lord, hear our cry(4x)

[Verse]2:      Let those who attack us be put to shame
And lead those who pursue us to the wrong way
Their way, Lord turns it a wilderness
Their water springs into dry land
Until they know that yes You are God
That Your name alone O Lord be praised
Cause those who hate You to love You, Lord
And those who love You to love You more
To the hungry ones, give them the bread of live
To the thirsty ones, give them the living water
Show them the way, those who are coming
And deliver those who are in bondage
That’s our cry

[Chorus]:     Haaaaaaaaahahaha
Lord, hear our cry(4x)

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