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Redemption oh wonderful story

Redemption ! oh, wonderful story—
Glad message for you and for me:

That Jesus has purchased our pardon,
And paid all the debt on the tree.

Believe it, O sinner, believe it;
Receive the glad message—’tis true;

Trust now in the crucified Saviour:
Salvation He offers to you.

From death unto life He hath
brought us,

And made us by grace sons of God;
A fountain is opened for sinners:

Oh, wash and be cleansed in the
blood !

No longer shall sin have dominion,
Though present to tempt and annoy;

For Christ, in His blessed redemption,
The power of sin shall destroy.

Accept now God’s offer of mercy;
To Jesus, oh hasten to-day;

For He will receive him that cometh,
And never will turn him away.

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