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Touch – My Everything [MP3 and Lyrics]

My Everything Download and Lyrics | Touch

Uchenna Udoye Ogalue popularly called Touch, is a prolific businesswoman, songwriter, and event anchor who specializes in motivating people and lifting spirits up.

She hails from Anambra State and is happily married to Tobechukwu Oguale with three wonderful children.

Her music career got off to a humble but promising start at the age of 14 where she served faithfully in a school choir. This was where her musical talent was nurtured to the blooming flower it is today.

According to Uche, her latest single “My Everything” is her first single which was born out of pure awe at the magnificence of God. How He fixes everything in life and does it with splendid precision and timing.

“My everything has become my favorite name for God because that is what he is. He is truly MY EVERYTHING”. – UCHE TOUCH

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Lyrics for My Everything By Touch

[Verse 1]
You’ve cared for me,
As long as I remember.
You have watched over me,
Even while I’m asleep.
You supply all my needs,
According to Your riches in glory.
When Your house is my home,
Who else what more shall I want,
When I have You, Lord,
I have everything.

Onye ga emerm ka Jesus gwa mooo
My everything.
My father my friend my savior and my king
My everything.
My healer, comforter, my only hope and my peace,
My everything.
I’ll give You all the praise lord
My everything.
Jesus, You’re my everything.

[Verse 2]
Just like a mother,
You care for me,
Just like a father,
You provide all my needs.
When Your house is my home,
Where else what more shall I want?
When I have You, Lord,
I have everything.


You love me left You throne and then died for me,
You’re my everything.
Obi ebere gi n’isi mu enweghi atu Jesus,
My everything
From evil, snares and traps Your my defender,
You’re my everything.
You’re full of surprises, awesome wonderful God Jesus,
My everything.
My everything is You, my everything is You lord.
You’re my everything.
Forgiver, deliverer, my Jesus You’re my faithful friend,
You’re my everything.

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