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Shola Victor-Sajowa – Author of Life

Author of Life Download, Stream and Video | Shola Victor-Sajowa

Shola Victor-Sajowa the London based Gospel Artist, Entrepreneur, worship leader and public speaker releases her highly anticipated single titled ” AUTHOR OF LIFE

If asked what has stood out for me in my walk with GOD, I will say it’s the conversations we have.I have noticed that my response to challenges is to praise GOD like no one else is in the room. I call HIM all the beautiful names and His beautiful attributes that makes my heart swell in love for HIM.

Then, I noticed thereafter that either a solution or an instruction on how to deal with the situation filters into my spirit hence the part of the song which says “and we choose to praise YOU all of our days.”
Our praise reveals an awesome GOD. The all seeing, all knowing GOD to us. Ever loving, caring, protective, guiding, prayer answering, Author and the Finisher of our faith. He authored our lives and is able to see us through as we learn to trust in HIS wisdom.He sees the beginning and the end of all things so we will do well to let HIM lead.

My dream is for everyone to receive and sing this song with revelation.Our world has been shaken with one thing after the other but when we allow ourselves to see HIM lifted high as we praise HIM in total surrender, reverence and trust in HIM in the curriculum vitae (CV) of the ONE who spoke me and this world into existence, we find ourselves experiencing the peace that passes all understanding.
Praise is my weapon. Praise builds my confidence in GOD.Praise releases rain, healing, and deliverance. GOD lives in our praise so please, don’t stop and watch HIM show us time and time again as you choose to praise HIM always.

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Download and Stream Author of Life By Shola Victor-Sajowa

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Video : Author of Life By Shola Victor-Sajowa

I want to thank my FATHER, the AUTHOR OF LIFE for making this  dream possible. Thank YOU SIR.
Thank you so much Oga (Noel Robinson) for producing this beautiful song, what a journey it was. God bless you a zillion times.
Thanks Uvi Orogun for producing this beautiful video, I also got a photoshoot out of it . Love it is an understatement. Bro, let’s do this again .
Thank you Christine Tomori for letting us film at your beautiful penthouse, get ready to be busier
Thanks to Polongotv for running with me, endless blessings.
To those of you who kept encouraging me, prayer covering me, you know yourselves. GOD bless you.
Thank you to my home church KICC for allowing us to film at Prayer city. I am grateful.
Thanks to my best friend, my dream buddy for walking this road with me, to my beautiful children for your support.
Thanks to everyone who dug deep to support me on this project, May you trace your next mega openings to this very well appreciated gesture. Thank you so much and GOD bless you.
And to you watching this video please learn the song and sing it over and over to our KING, it’s all about HIM.

From the cute little 3 year old girl, who would stand on the dance floor with her eyes closed, dancing & making people smile, to the worship leader , singer song writer, who has led many over the years into the presence of her ‘story changer’ as she fondly loves to call HIM.
Shola Victor-Sajowa is a seasoned worship leader, a weight loss and fitness coach , an entrepreneur, actress, event speaker, recording artist, multi award winner, whose long list of awards include the AGMA ADMA, Beffta, Praisetek, Woman Of Worship, Kingdom Radio merit awards and a host of others.
Over the years, Shola has been invited to hold workshops and seminars to train worship leaders, choir members and music ministers in general on the specifics of praise and worship. She has consequently written a manual titled “The Art of true worship” to this effect.
Her unique ministry has taken her to minister on various platforms  in and around the UK and internationally.
Psalmist Shola and her husband, Minister Victor Sajowa regularly host a conference known as “The Art of true worship”. This is a conference geared to motivate , encourage, and train worship leaders,worship teams, choirs and everyone etc.
Shola is married to Minister Victor-Sajowa and they have  three delightful children. As a Pastor’s wife, she ministers alongside her husband  at a chapel of KICC based in Tooting. Shola is passionate about seeing lives changed, touched, and freed to enter into their destinies.

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