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Rehmahz – Bleeding Mind

Bleeding Mind Download and Stream | Rehmahz

Rehmahz Returns with a “Bleeding Mind
Who comes to mind when the conversation is soft Afro Gospel at its finest, a soft style that matches up the hardest beats(you can look up Salem ft. Greatman Takit for context). Who else but the re-echoed name, “Remmy Boi

Rehmahz has continued to tell the most melodious tales in ways that our hearts find righteously irresistible. Sounds and Rhythms he is known to mostly self-produce, as he is seen to have done beautifully well again on this new release that is upon us.

This is the day that the Lord has made, we rejoice and we are glad in it. On this 20th March 2024, we are face to face, ear to ear, and heart to heart with a new Rehmahz record.

On “Mind BleedingRehmahz takes us on a journey, the journey to “More Life”. We get to share in the most vulnerable and honest motions of his MIND, where it hurts and where it cuts, where he BLEEDS and the introduction of and to the peace that only Jesus gives, where and how Jesus heals.

“E be your word e be my peace oh yeah”

Is it the minor note that resurfaces after every four(4) bars Or the vocals laced with emotions that almost feel like something one can see and touch Or the interlude decorated with sonorous humming and ad-libs Or that lead guitar solo outro Or the actual intelligently composed conversation of distress embedded in the lyrics?

We will have to leave our ears and hearts to be the judge of that, as we stream.

Be at home with the truth that you are in for another masterpiece.

“Mind is bleeding eyes dun red
Wan dey be like I’m depressed
Having doubts I must confess
Who go put my mind to rest”

Rehmahz Bleeding Mind

Download and Stream Bleeding Mind By Rehmahz (MP3)


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