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Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen – Uyioghosa

Uyioghosa Download and Video | Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen

International gospel music minister in songs and words; Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen releases a brand new single titled Uyioghosa meaning respect unto God

According to Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen, there is a need to thank God for seeing a new year, for there are many that see last year that are not alive this year. You are alive not that you are too good or you are too powerful or that you are too wise or beautiful or nice or handsome, but the grace of God that is keeping me and you.

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Download Uyioghosa By Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen

Download Uyioghosa By Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen (MP3)


Video : Uyioghosa By Pst. Ogbebor Osamudiamen

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