Frank Edwards – Na So Be Life [Lyrics]

Na So Be Life Lyrics | Frank Edwards

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little Mary she was walking down the road
smiling and saying
l am rich and i am strong
but everybody thought that she was craaazy
We know your dad he’s git no mooney
but few years later
little mary got so big
i hear the people say
wow that guy he’s got a big kid
now this is what i have to sayy

na so life e be
brother na so life e be
What you say is who you are
what you say is what you get
na so life e be
so say the right things
all the time

Hey mister talker
better watch the thing you say
What ever you say now
you will meet them later on
but if you dont know what to say
let me tell you how to talk
Say i am a winner
i am rich and i am strong
thats how you should talk
now this is what i have to say

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