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Minstrel Mercy (Mercy Sings) – Oluranlowo Mi (My Helper)

Oluranlowo Mi (My Helper) Download | Minstrel Mercy (Mercy Sings)

Fast-rising Nigerian gospel music minister, worship leader, and prolific songwriter Minstrel Mercy, better known as MercySings releases “Oluranlowo Mi,” her first debut single.

In reference to the song, Oluranlowo Mi (My Helper) is a cry-out song calling out for my assistant to come and improve my story.
God is the only one who can help us, thus we should pray to him in any circumstance we find ourselves in.

Facebook: Minstrel Mercy Adefiranye
Instagram: Adefiranyemercy
YouTube Channel: @AdefiranyeMercy

TikTok: @theminstrelO

Minstrel Mercy (Mercy Sings) Oluranlowo Mi (My Helper)

Download Oluranlowo Mi (My Helper) By Minstrel Mercy (Mercy Sings)(MP3)


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