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Kalley – Blessed [Video and Lyrics]

Blessed Video and Lyrics | Kalley

Faultlines Kalley

Video : Blessed By Kalley

kalley - Blessed (Music video) | Faultlines

Lyrics for Blessed By Kalley

[Verse 1]
Blessed, blessed are those
Who wait on the Lord
For they will, they will be filled
Watch the way He rebuilds

[Verse 2]
Blessed blessed are those
Whose hearts have been broken
They will, they will be hemmed
Better than when they began

You’ll see
You’ll see
In the land of the living
You’ll see
You’ll see
This is just the beginning

[Verse 3]
Blessed, blessed are those
Still caught in a cycle
His name shatters them all
They’ll pay back sevenfold

[Verse 4]
Blessed, blessed are those
Whose home life is hurting
Settle, take a deep breath
He gives back innocence

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