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JessiEmma – 14,000 Days

14,000 Days Download and Stream | JessiEmma

JessiEmma’s debut single, “14,000 Days” speaks to our God being a ‘Covenant Keeping God’, steadfast through the ages. This ballad follows the journey of the Israelites from Egypt through the wilderness for 40 years, which is over 14,000 Days, 14,600 Days to be exact!. It talks about the faithfulness of God. A God who remains constant and true. He never changes and never fails. Despite how often we fail Him and push Him away, He remains faithful because he is Covenant keeping God.

JessiEmma is a young passionate minister seeking to stir up the hearts of listeners. A powerful message woven into this driving ballad, JessiEmma’s unique ability to fuse her personal experiences with her deep faith in God, makes her music relatable, and it will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds. She wants to share her stories and experiences to help others reflect on their own relationship with God and actively strengthen that bond with Him.

JessiEmma’s debut single “14,000 Days” is not just a song, it’s a story that needs to be shared.

JessiEmma 14,000 Days

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