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Hillsong Worship – Come Alive [Video and Lyrics]

Come Alive Video and Lyrics | Hillsong Worship

Awake By Hillsong Worship

Video Lyrics :  Come Alive By Hillsong Worship

Come Alive (Official Lyric Video)- Hillsong Worship

Lyrics for Come Alive By Hillsong Worship

Come alive, come alive
Come alive, dry bones
Come alive, come alive
Come alive, dry bones
Awake, arise
Inhale the light
Come alive, come alive

[Verse 1]
I’m gonna sing to You dry bones
Until You’re covered in life
And the valley bloom
Like a rosebud in the light

[Verse 2]
Hear the call to attention
Feel the change in the air
For the ground is dry
But the clouds are overhead
I’m gonna sing it again

[Verse 3]
Are You waiting on heaven
Or is it waiting on You
For the Holy Ghost
Is already in the room

[Verse 4]
So You better get ready
‘Cause who knows what He’ll do
Where the four winds blow
There’s a breakthrough breaking through
I’m gonna prophesy again

Come alive
Get up and  rise,  rise

So leave those shackles in the grave now
And dance like You were Young
You do not have to live in chains now
There’s a key within Your song
So leave the past where it belongs child
And take a leap into the Light
Find the freedom You were born for
And tell that soul to rise
Arise, arise, arise

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