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Heaven Sings – In Your Name

In Your Name Download, Video and Lyrics | Heaven Sings

‘Heaven Sings’, a talented Christian artiste, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single, “In Your Name.” This captivating song is set to bless listeners with its powerful message and uplifting melody.

“In Your Name” is an anthem that beautifully encapsulates the unwavering faith and hope found in Christ. With its heartfelt lyrics and melodious composition, the song aims to ignite a deep connection with the divine and strengthen the listener’s spiritual journey.

Drawing upon personal experiences and deep-rooted belief, ‘Heaven Sings’ has crafted a soul-stirring piece that transcends boundaries and resonates with believers and non-believers alike. The song’s heartfelt verses and soaring chorus evoke a sense of peace, comfort, and strength, reminding listeners of the transformative power found in the name of Jesus Christ.

The song was produced by Sunny Pee.

Twitter: @HeavenSings3
Tik Tok: @HeavenSings33
Instagram: @Heav.enSings3
YouTube: Heaven Sings | @HeavenSings

Heaven Sings - In Your Name

Download In Your Name By Heaven Sings (MP3)


Video : In Your Name By Heaven Sings

In Your Name (Official Lyric Video) - Heaven Sings

Lyrics for In Your Name By Heaven Sings

Verse 1:
In Your Name
Mountains skips like ram
In Your Name the seas fled away
In Your Name rivers were driven back

I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name

Verse 2:
In Your Name
The blinded eyes will see
In Your Name
The mute and dumb will speak
In Your Name
Every knee must bow

I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name
I hail Your Name

Your Name is wonderful, marvelous and mighty things do happen in Your Name
Your Name is powerful, incredible and miracle do take place in Your Name
Your Name mends every broken heart
Barren land will be fruitful in Your Name
Your Name can raise the dead and cause every dry bones to rise again

Repeat chorus.

Jennifer Awele who goes by the stage name ‘Heaven Sings’ is a talented Christian artist dedicated to creating music that uplifts, inspires, and encourages listeners to strengthen their faith. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, ‘Heaven Sings’ aims to touch hearts and bring people closer to the love of God.

With a passion for worship and an unwavering belief in the power of music, she continues to make an impact in the Christian music scene.

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