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Gtwin – Faithful God Ft. Oluwakemi

Faithful God Download, Stream, Video and Lyrics | Gtwin Ft. Oluwakemi

Gtwin - Faithful God Ft. Oluwakemi

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Video : Faithful God By Gtwin Ft. Oluwakemi

Lyrics for Faithful God By Gtwin Ft. Oluwakemi

Your Name is Holy, Your Name is righteous
You’ve made my life so beautiful, You’ve done it all for me
Your Name is powerful, Your Name is marvellous
You made my life so meaningful and perfect in Your way
Your Name is Yahweh, Your Name is Jesus
You reign forever more, and Your Kingdom knows no end
What can I do oooo?
What can I say eh eh?
To ever faithful God, than to praise Your Holy Name
You are alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, You’re the first and the last
The ever reigning King

You are Jesus, Saviour
Ever faithful God
You are my King
You’re my father, Lover
Ever Faithful God
Great and mighty King

All the earth trembles before Jehovah
Ever faithful God
Erujeje Oba
Great and mighty God
His glory thunders
Full of Majesty, Our King

Lift Your hands and worship Jesus
Eh.. Atofise Ogun ran
To the one who can kill and make alive
Gbanigbani lojo Ogun le, Iwo naa ni
Arugbo ojo o, Iwo naa ni
Gbogbo aye e gbe Jesu ga o
Angeli e wole fun
Emu Ade oba re wa
Ese loba….ese loba oo

Vamp:I’ll praise Your Name…For You are, You are my King.

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