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Dayo Folaji – Jehovah God [MP3 and Lyrics]

Jehovah God Download and Lyrics | Dayo Folaji (Spoken Words)


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Download Jehovah God By Dayo Folaji

Download Jehovah God By Dayo Folaji (MP3)


Lyrics for Jehovah God By Dayo Folaji

The Great One above
The embodiment of love
When we were lost in trespasses and dead in sin
Gave Jesus for our sin’s propitiation
And provided the means for our salvation
Now this joy of being freed flows in us within
He is the loving Provider
The Jehovah Jireh!

He’s the one who provides for the ravens
Which are less significant in the eyes of heaven
Never should You speak against God like those of old
Whose hearts to unbelief and doubt were sold
They said “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”
Forgetting that He’s the one who makes a way even in the wilderness.

Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness!
Oh that men would praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Didn’t he freely give us his only begotten Son?
This kindness and love could we ever have won?
If this for us he was able to do
Let’s be rest assured that He’s still faithful and true.

You’d recall that inspiring story
Of Abraham and his only son
How God showed him his glory
The lamb for the offering to be done
In the nick of time was provided
And Isaac wasn’t deluded.

The Lord, I mean the Almighty God
Is The merciful giver
The bountiful supplier
The Lord, Yes! The Almighty God
Is The truthful helper
The faithful provider.

He knows You’re really in a dire need
To his unaltering word, rest and fully take heed
You will not be put to shame
For he knows Your very name.

Amidst chaos and raging storm
Intending our lives to utterly deform
The One who is unfailing and reliable
Promised He’ll never leave us
And He’ll never forsake us
His words to perform, he’s surely able.
His presence alone, is peace
The Lord of peace
The Jehovah Shalom!

Sometimes when it feels like we are drowning
And the storm of life at us keep frowning
We cry “Lord, don’t You care that I perish?”
Well the truth is, He cares and our souls he cherish.

To His people he speaks peace
And make the storm to calmly cease
From the shackles of pangs and unrest, he does release
Preparing us for a heavenly bliss.

When the scary voice of death
Rings in Your ear, loud and clear
Let God keep Your faith’s breath
And speak his peace “do not fear
Peace be unto You, You shall not die”
You have to believe for He cannot lie.

He is the Lord of peace
The Jehovah Shalom
He is the Prince of Peace
The Jehovah Shalom.
Let Your mind on Him be stayed
In perfect peace He’ll keep You
Let Your burden on Him be laid
He’ll do for You what only He can do.

The Most High whose name alone is JEHOVAH
Has been and He will be forever
His peace brings an end to palpitation
His provision brings an end to starvation.

So, in Your pilgrimage through life to eternity, never forget:
The Lord is The Jehovah jireh
The Jehovah shalom.
The Lord is the Jehovah Jireh
The Jehovah shalom.

Jehovah God The great provider
Jehovah God The great peace giver
Let Your mind on him be stayed
Let Your burden on him be laid
He has power has to do
What You never can do.


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