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Dayo Adeniran – Amin [MP3, Video and Lyrics]

Amin Download, Video and Lyrics | Dayo Adeniran

Fast-rising Gospel music minister Dayo Adeniran is out with a new song titled Amin translated to mean Amen from the Nigerian Yoruba language used in the western  part of the country.

Dayo Adeniran started his music career at his tender age as a choir member in his local church where he started learning musical instruments, he became the music director of his local church Baptist student fellowship of The Polytechnic Ibadan (Eruwa) campus, and Organist of the fellowship at The Polytechnic Ibadan ( Main campus.)

He started his musical band in the year 2006 with some set of musical professionals where he became the vocalist of the band. In the year 2011, Dayo Adeniran released his first Album Titled JASIGBANGBA ( Breakforth) this album ministers to many lives and testimony follows. That is the reason behind his stage name JASIGBANGBA.
In the year 2019, Dayo Adeniran and his wife Wumi Adeniran released an album titled PSALM 23. He has performed at different occasions such as church programs, weddings reception, funerals, corporate organizations etc.

Download Amin By Dayo Adeniran

Lyrics for Amin By Dayo Adeniran

(Vocal): Oluwa y’o fimi s’ori                  ( Resp) Amin o
(Vocal): Ki y’o fimi se’ru ni le aye mi     (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal): Emi y’o ma leke sani                 (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal): Un o segun emi o bori ota mi                    (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal): Oke oke lemi oma lo                    (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal): Emi o ni rele lola eledumare         (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal): Emi o ni deni eyin l’aye timo wa o e

Amin ooo, Amin ooo, Amin ooo Yio she/2x
(Vocal) Buburu kan ko ni subu lumi o         (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal) Arun karun koni sunmo ile emi       (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal) Yio pase f’awon angeli re                  ((Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Lati pamimo ninu ona mi gbogbo     (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal) Emi yio koja lori kiniun paramole      (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Egboro kiniun l’emi o fese mi temole   (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal) Nitori ti ofe ife re simi                  (Epariwo)

Amin ooo, Amin ooo, Amin ooo Yio she/2x
(Vocal) Kenikeni ko ma se yomi lenu mo              (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Nitori pe mo n ru apa jesu                        (Resp) Amin o
(Vocal) Eni ba gbogun timi adeni ikolu                 (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Eni ba bamija a rija olorun                         (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Tori mowa labe ojiji olodumare                (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Abo Jesu odaju lori mi o e  (ooo)


Amin ooo, Amin ooo, Amin ooo Yio she/2x

(Vocal) Onishe owo ema ri taje she                          (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Gbogbo onisowo atajere oja                         (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Osise Ijoba e o ni daran                                   (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Omo ile iwe ema sase yori o                      (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Omo ti mobi T’I Jesu ni                                (resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Omo ti mobi T’oluwani o                              (Resp) Amin o

(Vocal) Omo Ti mobi Ti Kristi ni o                            (Resp) Amin o

(vocal) Omo ti mobi koni y’omo Beliali                  (Resp) Amin o


Amin ooo, Amin ooo, Amin ooo Yio she/2x

Download Amin By Dayo Adeniran (MP3)


Video : Amin By Dayo Adeniran


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