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Cy – Original God Ft. Holyghostburger

Original God Download and Lyrics | Cy Ft. Holyghostburger

In the depths of my despair, I sought relief, Turning to ungodly system, seeking solace, seeking belief. But they faltered, their promises frail, In the darkness, their light could not prevail.Then came the whisper, the voice divine, Calling me back, with love entwined.

Original God, unfailing and true, In my weakness, it was Him Jesus Christ I knew. In this sight,  discovered there are several gods, but Jesus Christ is the Original God.

Cy Original God Ft Holyghostburger

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Lyrics for Original God By Cy Ft. Holyghostburger

Verse 1.
You are eternal
You never die
You are ancient
You never grow old
You are the misery
Men seek to understand
Oh lord I live to worship You

You are original God
Original God
Original God
Original God
No one like You
You are Original God
Original God
Your presence and Your power is everywhere

Verse 2.
You are Jesus the son of God
You are father,
who’s sitted on the throne
No one  beside You,
there’s none that can take Your place
Savior i live to worship You

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