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CY – Holyghost

Holyghost Download and Lyrics | CY

“HOLYGHOST” is a powerful song title that embodies the divine presence and miraculous works attributed to the Spirit of God. This title suggests awe-inspiring themes of spiritual intervention and extraordinary manifestations.

In this song, one can anticipate lyrics and music that celebrate the Holy Spirit as the agent of God’s mighty miracles, highlighting His transformative and supernatural influence in the lives of believers. The title “HOLYGHOST” invites listeners into a realm of faith, wonder, and reverence, promising a musical experience that magnifies the extraordinary deeds and profound impact of the Spirit of God.

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Lyrics for Holyghost By CY

Holyghost Holyghost
You are the spirit of God
Holyghost You are the one

I see mi-ra-cle Lame man walk
Blind eyes see
Holyghost You are the one
Holyghost You are the great comforter
Holyghost You are the teacher

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