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CJ Wonder – Chetam [MP3, Video and Lyrics]

Chetam Download, Video and Lyrics | CJ Wonder

Chetam  was born as a result of so many kinds of persecution sorrow and agony,so many people today under going so many things and some are asking God why me or God how could u allow all this problem to befall me,now here came a song…CHETAM..from the throne of grace in other to wipe out tears and give answer to many who are already wounded in heart ,here is…CHETAM meaning REMEMBER ME OH GOD…as u listen carefully to each words this season will never pass without God remembering you and your house hold turning every nagetivitys around

Chetem By CJ Wonder

Lyrics for Chetam By CJ Wonder

Jehovah do not Listen to devil,
All his complain in my life all  is lie
Jehovah do not Listen to devil all his work in my life is lie
,Since i run into You,the enemies hate me,

Every of my conversation doesn’t suit them,
All his effort is to make sure we are not in good time,

Jehovah do not Listen to the devil,
Because i no that You Jehovah can not sleep
And You cannot go to war and come back with shame,
Only You are God which i boast of in this world…..

(Remember me oh Lord remember me)x4

[Verse 1]
Jehovah defend me let them no You are my God..
Rise up and fight for me see them gather to laugh at me,
They ask me who are You enemies ask me where is my God,
The God who never fail oh…move by thunder ooh,

The God of Elijah ooh send Your fire ooh,
The convanant keeping God..ewo (abumunwagioo)
I am Your child,( ndilo chorigbwumo)

The enemies want to kill me,hekechiwo akarakameehhh.( they have tired down my destiny)
Oh Jehovah cheta ogbugbandu munagi..( remember the convanant i have with You)

They have tire down my destiny they have turn my life upside down, they say i will never succeed…

Ekwenihere memo..(dnt let me be at shame)…


[Verse 2]
Papa look at how the enemy has turn,
That woman to be a barren woman,
Papa look at how the enemy has turn that graduate to be a gate man
Papa look at what the enemy said that,that lady will never marry,

The person who has money before enemy turnam to be a beggar,

Because na You be God ooh rise and deliver me ooh,
Because na You be God put a smile upon my face every day the same story,
(okemuo ngikam nakpo) greater Deity i call upon You,
Na hichanumayamirir x2 ( father wipe away my tears x2

…oh oh oh …


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