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Akanji Rebecca Busayo – Maranatha

Maranatha Download and Lyrics | Akanji Rebecca Busayo

Gospel Music Minister, Worship Leader, Akanji Rebecca Busayo releases powerful single titled “Maranatha“.

Download Maranatha By Akanji Rebecca Busayo

Download Maranatha By Akanji Rebecca Busayo (MP3)


Lyrics for Maranatha By Akanji Rebecca Busayo

The Lord cometh!
Occupy till I come
Occupy till I come

The days of men are terrible
And the day of the Lord is near
Strong men are becoming feeble
So the coming of the Lord is here

I come quickly, the earth will bow
The end will come, strong men be ready
The end is here, the soon is now
Do You have left, some more energy?

See to it, that You cover the surface of the earth
Make it a must that You go round the world.

Round the world; Preaching, Praying, Healing
Round the world; Teaching, Impacting, Healing

Round the world; touching lives, blessing souls, making peace
Round the world; building men, giving alms, blessing lives
Round the world; making peace, impacting lives, blessing souls

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